Sourcing to supply under one roof

We have one of the largest centralised sourcing, warehouse and distribution networks in India which is completely owned by us. At Kingsmen, you can choose finer details of your timber such as its grain, colour, width, length and finishing to match your lifestyle.

About Kingsmen

We offer a wide selection of wood species to match any design style. The differences in wood species are as fascinating as they are beautiful, from the pronounced grain of Burma Teak to the bright warm tones of Ash Wood and more. Together, we can create bold designs that leave a lasting impression.

Kingsmen Ecological Ethical Source
Ecologically ethical sourcing
Kingsmen Ecological Ethical Source
Bespoke manufacturing
Kingsmen Ecological Ethical Source
Centralised Distribution
Kingsmen Ecological Ethical Source
Customised Installation
Kingsmen Solid Timber Floors

Solid timber flooring is made of planks milled from premium grade timber logs that are kiln dried which guarantees performance of a lifetime.

Kingsmen Outdoors Decks

Kingsmen offers beautiful decking options from exotic species of timber, namely Burma teak, Iron Wood, Merbau, Belian and IPE. We use aerospace grade brackets, stainless steel screws, and the patented BLACKTRONZTM clip system to prevent typical pain points of outdoor decks.

Kingsmen Solid Timber Doors

Solid timber doors are perfectly suited for natural indoor environments, with lesser carbon emissions. The seasoned doors are made from kiln dried premium grade solid timber, which provides stability and durability, along with a superior surface finish.

Kingsmen Engineered Frames

Premium grade engineered door frames offer the aesthetics of wood through their natural warmth and multiple surface textures. The different thickness, size and exposure durability classifications make these products stable and structurally strong.

The Journey Of Kingsmen

Take a look at the intricate processes we undertake to get timber from the forest to your front door.

Kingsmen Workflow
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